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KMC 650

Mobile Surgical Fluoroscopic X-Ray System



Economical High Performance

KMC 650
  • High-Frequency Generator

  •  Lower Dose
    -Virtual collimator
    -Pulse mode
    -Air kerma
    -Laser guild

  • Monoblock Type Tube

  • 1k x1k High-Resolution CCD Camera
    -1,000 cd/m2

  • Three-field 9" Image Intensifier

  • 135 deg wide orbital Rotation With Large SID Distance

  • Easy Archiving And Documentation
    -DICOM 3.0
    -CD/DVD Burner
    -Thermal Printer
    -USB Port

Economical High Performance

The KMC-650 is a compact and economical C-arm system suitable for various applications in neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics and emergency rooms. With its 1k CCD camera, the KMC-650 produces excellent high-resolution images and promotes precise diagnosis and safe operation. User-defined Function Keys provide presets for dose management and image calibration per imaging area.  The compact design and wide C-arc save space and increase flexibility while the expanded free space and 155° orbital rotation increase patient access, decrease re-positioning and improve efficiency to assure the highest quality imaging and improved workflows in each clinical application. 

KMC 650

High Resolution B/W 19" LCD Medical grade monitors

A larger 800mm free space and extended 135° (90°-45°) orbital rotation reduce the need for re-positioning.

High-dynamic CCD camera for high resolution

Stationary anode X-ray tubre

Powerful high-frequency generator and highly compact design for improved mobility

Optimized Workflow

  • Compact design provides more free space for operation

  • Supports of long time and multi-section of frames per sec(max 30 frames)

  • Capable of long time and multi-frame recording

  • Optional Items available

    • Thermal Printer

    • Cassette Holder

    • Grid

Features at a Glance

  • High-Frequency Generator

    • 125 kV/100mA for Rad

    • 125 kV/20mA for Boost FL

  • Microprocessor Control and APR Panel

  • High-Resolution- Tube 9" Triple Mode

  • X-ray Tube: rotating Anode Tube

  • Focal size: 0.3-0.6 mm Micro Filament

  • High-Resolution and Contrast in Image Quality

  • Pulsed Fluoro 2-mA for High Contrast image

  • Auto Brightness Control for Fluoro Image

  • Motorized and Rotating Collimator

  • CCD Camera With 16 Frames Memory

  • 19" LCD, LIH and Noise Reduction

  • Digital Image System

  • DICOM Send

  • Power Requirement: 110/220 VCA 50/60 Hz


Database Management

  • More convenient search and save capabilities

  • Manage patient information

  • Before and after surgery comparison

Versatile Diagnostic Tools

  • Zoom, contrast, reverse, invert

  • Filtering, edge enhancement

  • Annotation

Unlimited Image Memory

  • Unlimited patient capacity

  • Unlimited study images

PACS Connectivity With DICOM 3.0

  • store and print, modality worklist management

  • MPPS, storage commitment, and import & export​


KMC-650 Control Panel

KMC 650
KMC 650

Screen Images

KMC 650

Spinal Fusion

KMC 650

Shoulder Arthography

KMC 650

Spine Root Block

KMC 650

Metacarpal Bone ORIF

KMC 650

Caudal Block

KMC 650

Ankle ORIF

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