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Richard Kull

Radiological Imaging Services, LLC

Business Phone: +01 610-562-5255

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Thank you for the opportunity, and privilege to introduce the solutions and services offered by Radiological Imaging Services, LLC, a sales, and service company. We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you regarding our sales and service options. Our rates are highly competitive and are among the lowest in the industry.




Brief History

RIS is owned by Richard Kull. Mr. Kull started out as a computer technician for the company. His quick thinking and learning made him an asset and indispensable to the proviso owner, who was then Richard Stock. When Mr. Stock retired in 2019, Mr. Kull was offered ownership of the company and accepted.


RIS has been in business collectively for 42 years, and is licensed to service in the following states:

  •  Ohio

  •  New York

  • Delaware

  • Florida

  • Kentucky

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • California

States below have been serviced by us, and do not require additional certifications:

  • South Carolina

  • Washington

  • Maryland

  • Vermont

  • Massachusetts

  • Tennessee

  • Utah

  • Alabama

  • North Carolina

  • Illinois

  • Rhode Island

  • Idaho



View our business profile and reputation on LinkedIn:


Radiological Imaging Services, LLC supplies and services C-Arms, DR and CR Panels, Surgical Tables, Portable X-Ray System PPE, Medical Monitors, Ultrasounds/Sonograms, Stationary X-Ray Systems, Parts/Accessories, plus other items related to the medical and healthcare fields. The company also does sales and service on all their items. Although we can service any type and model of equipment, our specialty is in the repair of Comed C-arms. Our techs are among the only qualified technicians in the United States for these models.

We started out as a small supplier for high-end C-Arms and parts for C-Arms and initially had good results. Seeing the needs for other equipment, we expanded to service, and increased our product line, changing our strategy and started importing the above-mentioned system to healthcare facilities and doctor offices around the country, with the intention of gaining resale and service contracts. This out to be a niche for us, and sales skyrocketed.


The products we supply are extensive. Suppliers include, but not limited to:


  •  Ti-Ba Enterprises

  •  Ampronix

  • Equipmados, LLC

  • RadRays

  • Genoray

  • Prelove

  • Probo

  • Bar-Ray

  •  Medlink

  • Oakworks

  •  STI

  • Philips

  • Toshiba

  •  LG

  •  Control-X

  •  Varex

  • Carestream

  • GE


Our proudest ventures have been the projects granted to us by Educational Institutions around the U.S. We have provided, installed, and created equipment for:

  • Harvard University

  • Brown University

  • Cal State

  • Georgia Tech

  • NE Ohio University

  • Richard Stockton University

  • University of Louisville

  • Stanford University

  • University of Utah

  • University of Vermont

  • Rowan University

  • Penn State University

  • Marquette

  • Clark University

  • Ohio State University



With the range of products and solutions, in additions to the various other brands we offer, plus the supporting infrastructure we have, we passionately believe that RIS is well positioned and able to provide your facility with solutions, adding value to your business, as well as helping the patients our products were designed for.

We offer financing and rental options, working with weekly, monthly, yearly, or the economical by-use option.



Radiological Imaging Services, LLC has a plethora of products available for medical facilities and professionals.  


We offer:

  • C-Arms

  • Stationary and Portable X-Ray Systems

  • Ultrasounds

  • DR Panels (Wired and Wireless

  • Mammography

  • Imaging Recording Devices

  • Imaging Printers

  • Surgical Tables

  • Surgical Monitors

  • Custom-Made Phantoms

  • Custom Machines (per customer specifications.)

  • Extensive Parts list

  • Office Furnishings and Decor

  • Custom Rad Rooms


We look forward to being able to discuss any requirements you may have, currently and in the future.


Yours Faithfully



Richard Kull

Radiological Imaging Services, LLC

Postal Address:

328 s 3rd St

Hamburg, PA  19526



Radiological Imaging Services, LLC

Company Registration Number: 84-1781629

DUNS Number: 160997680

PA Registration 80-01038

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