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GE Logiq E10

Expect More from your Ultrasound System

Extraordinary Image Quality to Capture Critical Details


Confident Diagnostics​

The new Logiq E10 ultrasound System embraces digital transformation to deliver innovating solutions for you, in any clinical care area, with attention to your daily needs in portability and cleanability. 

Featuring next-gen GPU's from gaming electronics and driverless  cars, the new LOGIQ E10 delivers an exceptional imaging performance through the new proprietary cSound Architecture.  With a 10x processing power and 48x data throughput compares to traditional ultrasound, the LOGIQ E10 provides a real time image with more details than ever before. 

The Logiq E10 enables clinicians to acquire extraordinary images across a broad spectrum of patients, with incredible uniformity from near to far field.  The system's advanced imaging technology delivers penetration power even in high BMI patients. 

Auto-Optimized Images:

The cSound Imageformer automatically and continuously delivers images of high quality across a wide range of clinical scenarios.  Extraordinary images are quickly obtained resulting in efficient studies, particularly important in challenging cases.

Choice of high-performance probes:

E-series and XDclear probes deliver powerful, high fidelity and wide bandwidth for impressive deep penetration and high resolution

Comprehensive Tools

The Logiq E10 provides robust tools that give radiologists a new level of confidence in their diagnostic decisions. 
  • B-Flow Imaging

    • This non-doppler technique enables direct, real-time visualization of blood flow echos with   no vessel wall overlap to obscure details. 

  • B-Flow Capture with Reconstruction

    • Provides a three-dimensional view of blood vessels in which artifacts are automatically suppressed and weak vessel signals enhanced. 

  • B-Steer+

    • Enhances needle visualization in real-time to improve speed and confidence in needle guidance procedures. 

  • Contrast Enhanced Imaging (CEUS)

    • Optimizes the balance between penetration and resolution for improved contrast sensitivity, enhancing the ability to detect and characterize lesions. 

  • 2D Shear Wave Elastography

    • Two-dimensional shear wave elastography enables quantitative assessment of tissue elasticity. Strain Elastography is also available for qualitative tissue assessment. 

  • Overlay Image Date & Display

    • Patient study & image information

    • Annotation, text, and measurement

    • symbol annotation: (circle, square, etc)

    • Multiple display (up to 5x5 matrix format)




  • Volume Navigation

    • The combination of 2D/3D GPS tracking and Fusion Imaging cna make a real difference in Accuracy; potentially reducing procedure time and patient stress.

    • Fusion Imaging:
      Merge real-time ultrasound with a volume DICOM MR dataset to facilitate a second look examination and fusion guidance of biopsies of masses seen on MRI but not on ultrasound.

    • 2D/3D GPS Tracking:
      Visually track position during a scan using GPS-like technology, and mark selected points of interest to save time and enhance confidence.    

  • Photo Assistant App:

    • A picture is worth a thousand words in reporting.  Acquire and send photos of relevant anatomy-right from the device, to provide valuable context for documentation and comparison after a study.  Photo Assistant with Compare Assistant lets your track and document changes between visual and sonogram. 

  • Compare Assitant

    • Enables clinicians to easily view a prior study; ultrasound, mammography, CT or MR, and current images together to real-time via a split screen on the monitor, helping to improve confidence and exam efficiency. 




Spleen with Ascities, C1-6-D

Shear Wave Elastography, C1-6-D


Dual Image CF Pancreas, C1-6-D

Pediatric Kidney B-Flow, L2-9-D

Efficient, Next-Generation Imaging, From Neonates to Geriatric Patients

Highlights for you

  • Every pixel of the image is in focus, no need for adjustments

  • Increased uniformity from near to far field

  • Outstanding spatial and contrast resolution for better viewing

  • Clarity and confidence during the exam

Benefits for your Patients

  • High focus on their examination

  • More patients data acquired and processed in a shorter time in all imaging modes

  • Confident diagnosis at an early disease stage, even in difficult cases

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